Enchanting Media | Tips for shooting amazing wedding videos!
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Tips for shooting amazing wedding videos!

Tips for shooting amazing wedding videos!

Planning for a wedding can be an extremely stressful and overwhelming task. With hundreds of things to take care of, wedding videos sometimes take a backseat. However, getting the right shots during the wedding is extremely important for creating the lifelong memories. Here are some tips from the best Sacramento wedding videographers to help you focus on getting all the right shots during this special occasion.

  • Communication is the key

Understanding the exact requirements of the couple, family and proper coordination with the vendors is the key to the right wedding videography. Have a detailed meeting with the couple to know what they are looking for in their videos. If they looking to capture certain special moments, surprises or choreographed dances etc are some of the questions the best Sacramento wedding videographers indulge in to give their best.

  • Familiarity with the venue

It is essential for a good videographer to reach out to the Sacramento wedding venue chosen for the wedding to know about any rules or regulations and to be prepared accordingly such as if they need to bring a zoom lens, special gear for low lighting conditions etc. Also, getting acquainted with everyone helps the wedding shoot move along much smoothly. Knowing Sacramento wedding photographers, vendors, understanding the arrangements is a good idea to capture the best shots. Collaborating with the wedding photographer can lead to a successful combination as you can shoot side by side and rotate the camera for close-ups as and when needed.

  • Choose your gear carefully

Weddings generally involve a lot of running around with the couple as they move for various ceremonies, dressing, and makeup, dancing etc. It is wise for the videographer to choose the gear carefully which can be moved around easily leaving the heavy bag aside. Just the right camera and two lenses are perfect for running around with the wedding couple. Make sure to have extra batteries and memory cards ready to go as a backup in case there is no charging station around.

  • The importance of stabilization

To capture and shoot every moment to perfection, stabilization is necessary. As a Sacramento wedding videographer, whether you use a tripod, monopod, slider, glide cam, or a shoulder rig make sure that you are able to switch between your support gears easily. Being able to quickly switch to different equipment will keep you going with the shoot without any hassle.

  • Be authentic

As a creative person, you might feel the need to experiment and explore your creativity on the wedding day, but make sure to maintain the authenticity of the occasion. It is a must to get the traditional wedding shots along with indulging in various other ideas. A talented Sacramento wedding videographer will capture and shoot every important ceremony including the couples taking their vows, their first dance together, walking the aisle, and cake cutting to create the memories for life.


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