Enchanting Media | Why you should advertise your business at a bridal show?
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Why you should advertise your business at a bridal show?

Why you should advertise your business at a bridal show?

Bridal shows are a fantastic way to reach hundreds of brides in a single day! How many wedding businesses do you know of that see that many brides walk through their door in a single day? It’s a great way to really reach the masses but don’t let that be the only reason why!


I’ve listed a few other great reasons why you may want to consider having your wedding business featured at a bridal show!


Empty wedding dates that need to be filled?

Why not offer an amazing show special to get those dates filled up? Many brides have weddings that are perhaps just around the corner! Wouldn’t you want to offer them a great rate on your services or venue for that date as opposed to having it sit empty? Even if it’s just a small percentage off, brides and grooms alike are very appreciative when you are willing to work with their budget and are likely to send a ton of future business your way for being so accommodating!


Brand Recognition.

Did you know that it takes a bride on the average 12 times to see your business/logo for it to stick in her head? Consistency is the key here folks!


Showcase your amazing talents at the show!

Perhaps you’re a fabulous photographer? Bring 5-7 of your most amazing images to the show as opposed to tons of photo albums with images that all look the same! This is your time to shine and to showcase your incredible talent!


Are you a caterer or a bakery perhaps?

What a great opportunity to do a ton of food and or cake sampling in a single day! This will save you so much time and money by not having to do a ton of individual food and cake samplings in your place of business that can be very time consuming and not to mention very costly!


Fill that calendar up!

What a great way to set up future appointments with brides! Bring your tablet, calendar or whatever it is that you fill your appointments up with! Perhaps even offer a little token of some sort if they book an appointment with you at the show? Remember, brides love goodies!


Have an upcoming grand opening or open house?

What a great opportunity it would be to promote this at a bridal show! Hand out your invitations to all of the brides to let them know about your new venue perhaps that will be opening soon or your upcoming open house to tour their wedding venue! In addition, many shows offer the lead list of all of the registered brides which many times include their mailing address and email address as well so that you may send or email them an invitation!


Networking with other wedding professional!

I cannot emphasize this enough! Network, network and network some more!  What a great opportunity to meet your fellow wedding professionals! Many of which may be in the very same business that you are in! You can view them as an opportunity or as a threat! It’s up to you! Have a date that is filled up already or a recent cancellation? Why not send potential business back and forth to each other? This is not only a win-win situation for you however for the brides and grooms as well! Just think of how professional this looks when you send them to one of your fellow wedding colleagues that will take such good care of them for their big day ahead! Put your ego aside folks and take good care of all of those brides that are planning one of the most important days of their lives!

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