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Joni has built a name for herself in the Sacramento Weddings & Special Events industry for the past 25 years. Having worked in almost all aspects of the industry from sales, marketing, event planning, menu designs to bridal show sales and execution. She has brought her personal passion and energy over the years to all of the clients and brides that she has worked with. Her contagious enthusiasm of the wedding industry is apparent in the way she treats all of her client’s.


Joni’s love of the wedding industry began in 1987 as an innkeeper at The Driver Mansion Inn in Sacramento. Later known to many as Vizcaya, one of the area’s premier wedding and special events venues. There, she would spend the next 15 years working her way up to Wedding Sales & Marketing Manager generating in excess of over 1.5 million dollars annually in sales for both Vizcaya and The Sterling Hotel. It is here that in 2002 that she was named “Wedding Professional of the Year by The Association of Wedding Professionals Sacramento for all of her contributions to the area’s wedding industry. In 2003 and for the next 7 years, Joni’s career led her to accept the position of Director of Weddings & Special Events for Morton Golf and overseeing the sales, marketing and event planning for their 3 golf courses; Haggin Oaks, Bartley Cavanaugh and Bing Maloney.


In 2011, her career took her to a more independent path of consulting and virtually all aspects of the bridal and trade show industry. From sales, booth design, marketing, the set-up of pipe & drape  to laying out her client’s electrical needs. It is here where she found her true passion and next calling in life.


Having participated in well over 100 bridal and trade shows throughout her career, staging over 40 successful open houses for many Sacramento area venues and helping to execute 8 shows in the past three years, let Joni share her passion with you on what she believes will help you achieve optimal sales, before, during and more importantly after the show! From booth design to what marketing tools you will need to succeed. She will gladly share her experience and knowledge with you and wants nothing more than for you to succeed in this wonderful, sometimes crazy wedding industry! She is a firm believer in building a relationship first, and doing business second! I hope you will join her on this journey and become part of her family of wedding vendors for years to come!


Joni resides in East Sacramento with her son Jorden and their dog Kuna! She would love to hear from you!


Kind Regards,
Joni Foust
Show Producer