Enchanting Media | Comprehensive Marketing
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Comprehensive Marketing

Phase 1 – Comprehensive 2 to 4 hour diagnostic session

The goal of this meeting is to bring everyone together and build a clear and concise consensus to the project, its goals and the process to reach those goals.


Phase 2 – Market Research

What is your business? What does your audience want to see from you? What is your market like and what is your competition doing? How can you best reach your audience. Deepen our understanding of your company.


Phase 3 – Brand Strategy Development

Putting research into action to create a brand strategy summary of the organization’s ideal positioning in their market. Insights to positioning your company in front of your key audience with future tactical activities: website, social, email marketing, publications, campaigns, programs, etc.


Phase 4 – Branding Alignment Session

Meeting with your organization, teams, leaders we take the theory to practical operational reality.


Phase 5 – Creative Execution

With everything in place we execute those strategies that have been developed.


Phase 6 – Rollout

A detailed plan on branding strategy to roll out new brand across all platforms.


Phase 7 – Maintenance

Working with your organization needs throughout the year.